Trump’s drug cards clear key hurdle following pressure from White House

President Donald Trump’s stalled campaign promise to send $200 drug-discount cards to seniors has new life after an obscure-but-important industry panel on Monday night gave its blessing, ending weeks of resistance to the plan.

The Trump administration has been trying to revive the Medicare discount cards after the plan, abruptly announced in September, ran into resistance inside the administration over questions about its cost and legality. But as POLITICO reported last week, a new hurdle had recently emerged: an industry consortium that helps the Internal Revenue Service oversee benefit cards balked at the plan, raising concerns that Trump’s promised, one-time drug discounts didn’t meet typical standards for health-benefit cards.

That group, the Special Interest Group for Inventory Information Approval System Standards, or SIGIS, helps govern electronic point-of-sale transactions, and its approval is essential for mass-producing millions of cards.